Artist/Craftsperson Exhibitor Guidelines

Application Requirements: 

Images: Minimum 3 photos of work; photo of prior booth setup recommended

Booth Fee: $75 will be due upon notification of acceptance by check to White Squirrel Arts Fest, mailed to PO Box 9763, Bowling Green, KY 42102 along with signed participation agreement to be provided 


  • You can submit multiple applications.
  • All items must be at least 75% handmade by the crafter/artist; prints and mechanical offset reproductions are allowed (notecards, calendars, etc.). 
  • All work must be original and of exhibitor’s own crafting; NO BUY/SELL items allowed; commercial or made from kit items not allowed, and any exhibitor with items resembling such may be asked to leave.
  • Artist or representative must be present at all times.
  • WSAF will provide 10’x10’ booth space in designated area with specific location to be provided 2 weeks in advance; The exhibitor must provide own tent, sandbags/weights and tables, chairs if desired.
  • All tables must be covered and boxes, bags, totes, etc. must remain out of sight.
  • All booths must be totally set up by 9:30AM and can not begin being broken down until 5PM. 
  • Designated loading/unloading areas as well as parking information will be provided in advance and must be adhered to.
  • The premises shall at all times be kept clean, presentable, and neat.
  • White Squirrel Arts Fest, Inc. has made arrangements for this exhibition, but assumes no liability for any loss of merchandise or injury because of the same.
  • Each exhibitor must be responsible for the conduct of all workers at his/her exhibition. Any misconduct will not be tolerated.
  • White Squirrel Arts Fest is a family-friendly event and any displayed items that are not deemed so by the committee will be subject to removal. 
  • Each artist/crafter is responsible for paying the Kentucky State Sales Tax to the Kentucky Department of Revenue.
  • Exhibitors display at their own risk.