Artists in Action

Are you an exhibitor who:

  • Demonstrates in front of the visiting audience?
  • Does not charge a fee or sell wares (although you may request a donation or put out the hat)?

You may qualify for a booth at the White Squirrel Arts Fest with no registration fee required.

Here are just some examples of exhibitors who qualify for a registration fee waiver:

  • Portrait artists drawing in front of the crowd
  • Street mimes
  • Face painting
  • Etc.

Note: Exhibitors who were previously involved in the Sky Science Festival’s Expo Day (or had planned to do to this year) may apply for an exhibit in this category HERE.

If you are an artist under 18 and would like to be a Student in Action, click here!

Artists who would like to exhibit, demonstrate, engage with their art form should fill out the registration form (click the button below) to apply to the WSAF for free registration.

Artists and vendors in Fountain Square and Circus Square are cautioned that signs, tent stakes, etc. are prohibited. Irrigation systems may be damaged or destroyed by objects placed in the ground. Sand bag anchors are an acceptable alternative.