WSAF Talent Show Rules

  1. One entry per person. No multiple entries. A group of people may enter as a team, but the whole team counts as one entry. If you enter as part of a team, that is your only entry.
  2. There will be a first, second and third prize awarded in each age category.
  3. Your talent performance must not exceed 5 minutes.
  4. You may have props, but you must be able to set them up within 30 seconds and take them down within 30 seconds — if you need help setting props, you must bring a volunteer with you to do so. You need to return the stage to the way you found it: Clean up after yourself.
  5. If you use music with your act, you must send an mp3 file to You must also have music on a USB drive with you in case of technical malfunction. 
  6. All participants must submit a video audition by April 15 to This is not to determine who is good enough, but simply to make sure that you are adequately prepared to go on stage in front of an audience.
  7. This is a family friendly event. Any inappropriate material will be disqualified.
  8. The talent may be any art form, including, but not limited to: theatre scene, storytelling, dance (any form), song, instrumental composition, mime, humor, poetry, visual art, magic, juggling, tumbling or other circus art, or a combination of several forms.
  9. When submitting your registration form, all participants must agree to follow these rules or risk disqualification. You are also agreeing to let the White Squirrel Arts Fest use any videos/photos from the show to promote further events. Lastly, you also agree to assume full responsibility for any injuries or bodily harm that may come as a result of your performance and not hold WSAF accountable.