White Squirrel Arts Fest

Join us to celebrate art
from southcentral Kentucky and beyond.

Bowling Green is so much more than fast cars and caves! There’s no better way to showcase our many creative residents than with a dedicated arts festival.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in our first fest! Stay tuned for news regarding year two!

White Squirrel Arts Fest Artwork created by Kennedie Nelson

What is Art?

Art is subjective. Each person has their own unique interpretation of what constitutes it. The individuals who have worked to bring you the White Squirrel Arts Fest were asked to give their personal definition by completing the sentence beginning, “Art is—.” We invite you to do the same.

Kelsey Tullis—Art is how we express our inner-most selves. It is how we exude joy, sorrow, grief, passion. It is how we survive.
Elaine Walker—Art is born of imagination and creativity and has the power to lift the spirits and stimulate the brain.
Dan Modlin—Art is any combination of words, musical notes, colors, sounds, or images that cause us to pause and appreciate life.
Teresa Christmas—Art is a rare arrangement (of words, sounds, movements, shapes…) that strives to transform human experience (intense bliss, inconceivable anguish) into Beauty.
Ronn Kistler—Art is a person or group of peoples’ conscious attempt to convey to others their experience and, by so doing, infect them with a greater awareness of life.
Bobbie Falin—Art is a result of purposeful creative action that stirs an emotional response, positive or negative, in the observer.
Glenda Hepp—Art is a joining of the head, the heart and the spirit.
Carol Noel—Art is the result of unforeseen inspiration sparked by human imagination and enriched by Divine talent.
Marissa Butler—Art is like breath. Without it, my words would be too narrow to speak, and I would cease to exist.
David Ciochetty— Art is a personal expression of emotion meant to be shared with others.
Denise Zielinski—Art is communication that touches one’s soul.
Amy Disparte—Art is individual creative expression powered by the divine energy current that connects all mankind.
Linda Seagle—Art is what quickens the heart with its lines, moves the soul with its color and stimulates the brain with its essence. We learn to think by observing the beauty found in every form of art.
Allison Mefford—Art is when you stop to look and forget you were in a hurry; hear and are taken through time; experience and have the urge to seek that feeling again.
Willie Huston—Art is the derivative of life’s secrets, handed down, and the vulnerable whispers holding doors, to the future, open.
Gerry Brown—Art is what draws my heart and mind together to strike a spark.