About the Festival

Bowling Green and southcentral Kentucky have a reputation for cultivating our creatives, from the Downing Museum’s dedication to preserving fine art to the local music scene propelling artists to international stages and Grammy nominations.

One thing that has been missing is a dedicated arts festival to showcase our homegrown talents. A group of volunteer art enthusiasts began discussing and planning such a festival in 2021 with the hope of bringing literary, folk, theatrical, vocal, music, dance, craft and visual artists together.

We are delighted to introduce the White Squirrel Arts Fest April 21-23, 2023 in conjunction with a “soft” reopening of White Squirrel Brewery on Saturday, April 22. It will be a full weekend offering entertainment, arts activities, workshops, readings and vendors in downtown Bowling Green, utilizing the new Downtown Entertainment District!

Why the White Squirrel? This part of Kentucky is known for having the highest population of these critters in the state and even inspired the name of BGKY’s first craft brewery! Just like a white squirrel’s presence is striking no matter the backdrop, our artists’ works are striking regardless of the medium.

Board of Directors

Gerry Brown, President
Elaine Walker, Vice-President
Marissa Butler, Secretary
Ronn Kistler, Treasurer
Teresa Christmas
Syleethia Holesome
Gayla Warner

Committee Members

Glenda Hepp
Bobbie Falin
Rob Hankins
Jennifer Gonzalez
David Marquez
Kelsey Tullis
Johnalma Barnett

Delaire Rowe
Sonja Byrd
Amy Disparte
Carol Barton
Alice Gatewood Waddell
Linda Seagle
Denise Zelinski