Science (STEAM) Applicants

The White Squirrel Arts Fest (WSAF) is welcoming scientists who exhibited in previous years at the Southern Kentucky Science EXPO Day into a special STEAM category of WSAF exhibitors. This part of WSAF will still take place in the same location of Circus Square Park on Saturday, April 22, from 10am to 5pm.

Whether you are a returning EXPO participant, or a scientist who would like to engage your visitors in a demonstration, game, challenge or other kind of interactive activity in the interest of science education, this is the place for you to apply. Please fill out our application form by clicking the button below. The WSAF will reach out to you shortly.

Artists and vendors in Fountain Square and Circus Square are cautioned that signs, tent stakes, etc. are prohibited. Irrigation systems may be damaged or destroyed by objects placed in the ground. Sand bag anchors are an acceptable alternative.